Property from the trunk of your car
for your business and tourism

You can realize your project in just a few weeks with minimal investment.
EcoCamp operates year-round. In fact, every day a business works for you.


Having studied the advanced experience in the development of camping culture, we have created a structure that does not fall under construction regulations.


The options developed by us will allow the project not to depend on external factors: seasonality, lack of energy sources, climatic conditions.

Exceptional quality of materials

• Protects against the influence of external factors: wind, temperature drops (including frost), precipitation, fog, ultraviolet
• Maintaines a constant comfortable indoor temperature
• Waterproof

Foil layer:
• Does not suffer from a corrosion
• Provides additional insulation

• Increases the efficiency of heating system
• Eliminates the formation of drafts
• Lightweight and elastic

Strength tested in extreme conditions

This form provides strength with large snow loads up to 220 kg per m2 and wind loads up to 65 m/s.

The structural units guarantee high strength and wear resistance, and the “crown” element allows the structure to be light and meet all operational requirements.

More convenience

We went ahead and developed a folding mechanism for your convenience. Frame elements are equipped with special technology, which ensures maximun capacity and mobility of EcoCamp. The whole structure of the EcoCamps with the diametr less than 6m fits into 2-3 bags and is placed in the back seat or trunk of a car.

Fully prepared camp kit

We prepared a detailed 3D assembly instruction.

No building permit is required

EcoCamp mounting does not require any special tool or skills. Assembly time is only 90 minutes. It is so simple that you even do not have to communicate with the builders.

The basic set contains:

• Frame bearing beams
• Equatorial bridgings
• Set of nodal joints
• Connecting cabels
• Outer envelop
• Zipper inlet
• Assembly instructions
• Repair kit
• Transportation bags
By purchasin the basic set you can always upgrade it to the winter set even if the decision about year-round living in the EcoCamp will come to you in a year.


All options for your needs:

  • Color

    You can customize EcoCamp considering the unique and corporate style of your project. More than 30 colors of the tent and frame are available which means more ideas to create and embody.

  • Windows

    The windows of different configuration will provide a huge and bright space inside EcoCamp and make the most efficient use of solar energy in winter.

  • Fireplace

    Integration of the fireplace for economical air heating of the room with a well thought-out ventilation unit provides warmth and a comfortable temperature inside.

  • Door

    Entrance PVC door with a single-pane doube-glazed window protects from drafts, keeps heat inside and does not look moisture.

Choose your EcoCamp model

Having selected a suitable camp diameter
click on it to go to the page with layouts and a detailed description of the kit/


Having picked up the house with the suitable diameter,
click on it to pass to the page with plans and the detailed description of a set of the house.


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